UK credit cards for people with bad credit scores

Bad credit credit cardsWhenever you apply for a credit card and you find out it has been rejected, this is something you should know; Banks have changed how they lend money because of the financial recessions. What they are looking at is avoiding risks at all costs. Getting credit nowadays is not based on how much you earn or any universal credit rating, it is based on the score you get after the banks have watched the behavior you have, and therefore the scores will differ from one bank to another.

If the credit card gets keeps on being rejected, it means the score given is very poor, therefore changing the credit card will be the only solution.

However, just simply changing the credit card does not guarantee you to build the credit history. One is supposed to make the online minimum payments as well as keeping the account balances low.

You will have to rebuild the credit rating from the banks, and the only way is by getting the correct credit card, then operate it well by not having debts and not missing the payments.

In order to help you manage your money, there are a number of credit cards for people with bad credit that can be bought to help build up the credit score that had been tarnished.

The first card is the aqua classic exclusive. This is one of the lowest APR that is ideal for those people who have a poor credit. Its APR goes at 29.6 percent. It has the credit limit of up to 1200 pounds. It also accepts even those people who have a very small history, or those who do not have any history at all.

The second credit card is the first premier bank mastercard credit card. This card requires that the account is checked, and it reports to the major consumer agencies in UK. The application process is also very simple, when you pay your balance in full every month, then no interest will be charged.

There is also the suede KLS prepaid visa rushcard. It offers various benefits, for example one can check the balance, one can view the transactions as well as transfer money using the mobile app. It also accepts online shopping as well s shopping in the stores, because visa cards are accepted everywhere. When applied, they get approved once the ID has been verified, without other requirements such as the credit check or minimum balance requirements. It also provides real time updates when a deposit goes through and if the balance is running low.

Apart from that,  there is the credit one bank platinum card. With this credit card one can get qualified without really affecting the credit score. It also allows for automatic reviews of the credit line, which increases chances. One can keep watch of the credit information using the online monthly credit score tracking which is free.

The last credit card is the black diamond credit card, which also allows for easy online paying of bills to anyone, for example the rent bills, electricity bills and other utilities.